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Welcome to boss dj records

Track 1: Casharr James-Better Days 

Track 2: New Leaf -Every Single Thing

Track 3:Paper Mice- 1-800-Mondays

Track 4: Kevin Hambrick- Talking Bird

Track 5: Anthony B - Back To Normal

Track 6: Downtown Temperature- Vampirates

Track 7: Merkabah ft.GraveDiggaz- Mausoleum

Track 8: E.Lize  ftg. Chris Rivers- The Arrival 

Track 9: Zackary- Don't Let it Break You

Track 10:Brand New trash- Riot On Le Mesa

Track 11: Telegraf- Forget About it

Track 12: Drowning Thespians- Everyday

Track 13: Three Hundred Women- Everything

Track 14: Jenny Pulse- Dome

Track 15: Ways To Be Worse- Set Sail For Spain

Track 16: KB07,15,Zackary-Hold Your Tongue

Track 17: rec.luv-Phone Call 

Track 18: Mystery - DFK

Track 19: Filibuster - Now Im Paying

Track 20: Gary Natureboy RD- Stompin It

Track 21: KB07(x)David Schultz(x)Squidly Cole(x)Telford Nelson(x)Mark Diroll-All Evil Is Babylon

Track 22: The Dub Night Players- Heavy Version-

Track 23: rec.luv- Alienz

Track 24: Johnny Cosmic - Sonic Sunshine

Track 25: P.Tuggs

Track 26: Jesus Wore Dickies- Storm At Sea

Track 27: Naive Joy-Enigma of an Endless Fear

Track 28:Silk Filled Stilts- Takin' Time Out 

Track 29:Hibiki Bandit- Blue eyes of Summer

Track 30:Dan Allen- 

Track 31: Gatlin Parker fog Gabrielle Kristin-Marshall County Mines

Track 32: Lauren.Napier (Punk Rock Doll)- Mystic Man

Track 33: Brand New Trash - Thunder Dreamer 

Track 34:Joshua Fischel and the Fiction- Dream Number 6

Track 35: Lightning the Magnetic- Longtime (unplugged)

Track 36:Gary Nature BoyRD- Dub Showdown 

Track 37: Addis Pablo Meets Downtown Temperature- Serious dub

Track 38:Filibuster -Mindless

Track 39:Victor Rice- The Demander

Track 40: Jahworks the Revolutionary- Overcome 

Track 41: Reeche- Don't Let Go

Track 42: Harry Staff of the Burna Squad

Track 43: Ras Attitude- Reign and Rule



Squidly Cole Link

Telford Nelson

Reggae Street 

Naive Joy

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Naive Joy



Boss DJ Records
South Bend, Indiana      


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